Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Upcycled high school t-shirts

Mr. Apple recently gave me some old shirts to take to Goodwill.  There were some old high school shirts in there, and I thought it was a shame to get rid of them (and who would want them, anyway?).  I took one, an old marching band shirt, and made a skirt for the little gal using the Lil Blue Boo twirl skirt pattern.  This is a great pattern and a great deal!  Just $12, and it includes doll sizes up to women's XL and everything in between.  It's super easy too!

This would also work well with old jerseys, especially the t-shirt kind in bright colors that kids get from all their little sports.  You know, the ones with colors so intense that you can't wear them in public :-)


Unknown said...

Hey thats my old shirt! Glad its found a better home!

Unknown said...

Well I guess he had one of those shirts too... hmm will have a search through my old shirts and see if there's any winners in there you can turn into cool clothing!

Auntie Jen said...

I've got a chip and dale disney performer shirt you can have, it's dark blue.

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