Sunday, February 19, 2012

His name is Lizard Friend

Rain, rain, rain.  This must be the wettest drought ever.  It has rained so much, the water level in the pool is now higher than it was this summer, when I was filling it twice a week. 

To avoid cabin fever, Sprite ventured out for a puddle stomp in the driveway while I assembled a rabbit hutch under the carport.  I didn't realize there was a little lizard staying dry in between the wood pieces, and when I moved them, I hurt his little leg.  He has a gash from is thigh to shin (I hope that's right, I am not an expert on lizard anatomy), and I could see his little white knee bone.  Seeing as Sprite was already refering to him as "Lizard Friend", we brought him inside to rest and recover.  (Mr. Apple makes fun of me for this. He thinks I'm a softee. He might be right).

He could walk, so his leg wasn't broken, but he still had a nasty flesh wound.  Neosporin fixes everything, right? Yes? Yes.

He was a good patient and held very still, and didn't even attempt to bite me.

He spent 4 days with us, sunning himself under a heat lamp and in the window, and then we decided his leg was looking better and he could be discharged from The Applegate Improvised Reptile Hospital.  Sprite did the honors:

She set Lizard Friend down on some tree branches near where we found him.  He looked right at her, and the scurried down the branch and into the grass. 

Goodbye, Lizard Friend! May the sun be warm and your flies be crunchy!


Auntie Jen said...

Mom used to do the same thing my brother should be used to it. she helped a baby brown bat that got knocked out of a tree when we were playing basketball and a bird that fell down the chimney and cut it's wing.

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