Thursday, January 5, 2012

MPM: Wine cork boats

Now that the holidays are over, I glad to be back for another Mini Project Monday!

Wine cork boats are a great way to upcycle wine corks and entertain your tot, indoors or out.

3 wine corks per boat
hot glue
craft foam
empty thread spool

Assembly is simple.  Hot glue three corks together to make a raft.  Glue the toothpick standing up straight, and poke it through the foam in two places to make a sail.  Glue or tie the string onto the boat, and tie the other end onto the spool.  Wind the string onto the spool and you're ready to hit the bathtub!

We had a nice afternoon today, so we took our little boat on adventure in the deep, green sea (aka: the pool)

Happy Sailing!


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