Monday, December 5, 2011

MPM: Marble art

Mini Project Mondays are series of activities, experiments, art projects, etc. for you and your tot.  The projects are tested on my 3 year old model and muse, Sprite. 
I do my best to post every Monday, but no promises :-) I hope you enjoy!

This week's Mini Project Monday is not only easy, the mess is minimal too!  I know, not like me, right? :-)

Marble Art!
Made from, well, marbles!

1 canister (such as oatmeal or protein powder)
A handful of marbles
acrylic paint

Cut paper sheets in half, and insert on half into your clean, dry, canister so it is flat around the inside of the container.

Add a few marbles:

Add a few small globs of paint.  Jusr 2-3 colors is good. You don't want them all to mix and become brown.

Put the lid on and give it a shake, shake, shake!

After a minute or two, open the canister and take out your paper. Lovely!

You can add a little more paint and do another paper, or wash and dry the container to start fresh.



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