Monday, November 14, 2011

MPM: Fun with water beads

I know, I know, Mini Project Mondays (MPM) have been few and far between lately.  If the appliances in my house stop breaking, I hope to have time to post more of them!  Here's a fun one now that the weather is getting cooler.

Sprite and I recently discovered water beads. After a few hours of playing, we both concluded that they are





Water beads are basically teeny tiny balls made from a polymer.  When soaked in water for a few hours, they get a LOT bigger and are a neat squishy texture.  We bought the Orbeez brand ($7 at Toys R us).

Sprite could play with them for hours, squishing, pouring, lining up, bouncing...

 Getting in up to her elbows:

Since we had so much fun with the small ones, we decided to get some big ones.  They start out peas sized, and grow to 1-2 inches in diameter in just a few hours.

After a few minutes, they get bumpy and start to grow a little:

 Sprite likes to play with them as they grow.

After 1-2 hours, they were this big! They gorw unevenly, so they are bumpy.  They smooth out as they get larger.

I think I was entertained just as much as Sprite was.  I want to put my feet in the tray, but knew a certain little person would want to do the same.

We took these over to the kids at my friend's home preschool, and they LOVED them!  We played for over and hour and they still wanted to play longer!

For less mess, I would reccommend spreading towels on the table to absorb the water and prevent them from bouncing everywhere.  And they do bounce!



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