Saturday, November 26, 2011

Easy DIY jewelry organizer


That's what I think when I walk into my bathroom now.

I love that feeling.  A few months ago, it would have been "Acck! Orange!", but after a little new hardware, a lot of white paint, and my super fantastic, easy-peasy, jewelry organizer, I am loving my still slightly orange, totally Target, bathroom!



The super fantastic, easy-peasy, jewelry organizer:

The Tutorial:

1x1" square wooden dowel (and something to cut it with)
Threaded metal hooks
paint and spray sealant
double sided tape and 1.5" nails

Cut your wooden dowel to the desired length.  I did 13" for each of mine, and 7" for Sprite's.  Sand the edges.

Paint the dowels as desired.  Mine are brown and Sprite's is rainbow, becase she is 3.

 After the paint is dry, use spray sealant to coat the dowels and allow to dry completely.

After they are dry, screw the hooks in.  Depending on the hardness of the wood, you can probably screw them in with your fingers, using pliers if they get a little tight.  if they are difficult, drill a tiny, shallow hole to help get the hook started.  Be sure to measure so your hooks are evenly spaced.   I did the hooks about 2 inches apart.

Use the double sided tape (and a level) to position your organizer where you want it.  After it's stuck in the right spot, hammer one nail into each end of the organizer.

Hang your jewels and admire!

I purposely put mine in a spot where it is both functional and pretty.  Rather than hang a picture on the wall, I'm showing off my (mostly fake) jewels!


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