Monday, May 23, 2011

Mini Project Monday- Milk carton bird houses

Here's an easy one: bird feeders from milk cartons!

It seemed that whenever I found a really good project that involved cardboard milk cartons, I never had one on hand.  Now I save every one, just waiting for our next project!

For this project, we used pint sized cartons from buttermilk.  Quart or half-pint sizes would work too, or even half gallon, and the birds would sure love you for that!

Cardboard milk carton
scraps of paper
glue stick
Small clamp or chip clip
a nail or awl

First, we cut a opening out of one corner.  I only did one corner so it would keep the rain out a little better.

We used a chip clip to glue the top shut.

Sprite glued squares of scrapbook paper to the sides of the carton.

We punched a hole in the top with an awl and tied a string.

 It was chilly out! We filled the feeders with birdseed and carried them, er, carefully, to the backyard.

We hung them on the "lifeguard stand", as we call it, in our backyard near the river.

So cute.  They have been out there a few weeks and have survived surprisingly well.

The 'lifeguard stand" is actually a stand formerly used for train signals. 

The previous owners of our house must have been very into trains, because they cemented it in behind the shed! It's a great conversation starter.

There you have it!  A quick and easy project with a little train history for you :-)


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