Monday, April 18, 2011

Mini-project Monday: Spring brings green!

Sorry I skipped last week...3 days of craft shows, followed by my turn to present at the home-based business meeting = exhaustion!

Here in North Dakota, we have to wait a long time for spring to come.  Less than 2 weeks ago, we got snow, on top of the 3 feet we already had.  Boo.  Shortly after that it warmed up though, and today is a balmy 54 degrees, sunny, and there are only a few piles of snow left!

To get us into the spring spirit, Sprite and I planted some beans and lentils in hopes of eating them after they sprouted.  These were just average grocery store beans, but they were, um, probably 4 years old.  Sprite keeps them in a bucket and plays with them with shovels during the winter.

Lentila, lima beans, and kidney beans, soaking up their H2O. (They are only in the window for the picture.  Too much sun makes them taste like grass...just fyi).

The jars have a mesh cloth on top so I could easily pour the water out.

They started wrinkling in just a few minutes!

I rinsed them with water twice a day.

Within a few days we had sprouts! yay!

The lentils really took off. 

The kidney beans were a little slower.  The lima beans started to smell nasty so you won't be seeing anymore pictures of them.

Even when kept away from the window, the lentils greened right up, and therefore tasted like grass. 

We tried them, and then downgraded them to rabbit food.

She loved them.

The kidney beans did a little better.  I had way too many beans in the jar, so it filled right up and was difficult to rinse them. Note for next time, just enough beans to make a layer or two on the bottom is plenty.

Here are the lentils today, at about 3 weeks old.  I hack them off occasionally for the bunny, and they keep growing back.  I might grow some in a pot for her.

 I also started a few other things...these are clovers, just for fun.

Wheat grass for the bunny as well, but the cat keeps getting into it.  Both cats LOVE wheatgrass.  It's just amusing to watch carnivores shove the bunny out of the way to get more grass :-)

Happy Spring!

Update:  It's April 16th and for the past two days in a row, I woke up to more snow!! I almost choked on my water the first time.  Sprite didn't understand why I changed my mind about bike riding that day. :-)


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