Wednesday, March 23, 2011

There you are, sense of accomplishment!

Wow.  I have been a busy bee the past few days.  In addition to getting ready for my two craft shows the weekend of April 8th, I have also managed to squeeze in a few other things (not housework though. hehe).

Beautiful training pants!  I know, training pants aren't usually described a beautiful, but look at all the pretty colors...

Sprite always wears whatever I make for her, and enthusiastically at that.  She has never turned anything away.  Until today.  I made these cute leggings for her to wear under her t-shirt dresses.

She. Hates. Them.

She refused to put them on, so I did it. 
She screamed the whole time. 
I told her to go show Daddy. 
She melted into a heap on the floor.
Sorry, no pictures of that!
Are they really that terrible??

I also added another tier to Sprite's March of Dimes dress for the March for Babies on April 2nd. 

She's grown a lot since last year!  See her miniature pigtail?

Here's our whole team from last year.  We are even bigger this year!  I have 10 moms and their families signed up!
(I am selling March of Dimes dresses, hoodies, and tees as one of our team's fundraisers.  Please visit my facebook page for more info and to see more examples).

That's all for today's productivity! I hope I get just as much done tomorrow...and every day until the craft shows :-)


Anonymous said...

Her dress is very cute, I still haven't figured out the neckline on the Lil Blue Boo pattern. Good luck with ur walk. Saw this at the linky...

Kelly said...

For the neckline, make sure you are using new ribbed knit. I make it about 1/4 inch wider and about 2 sizes smaller than the dress you are making. (This is an old dress so the neck is stretched out). I get much better results this way, Good luck!

Heather Applegate said...

Maybe she's not a fan of black & white??

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