Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Recycling crafts for tiny tots

Sprite and I have been crazy for projects lately.  We have been trying to do at least one tot-friendly project a day, and have been at it for the past week.  We keep them short (20 min or less), and Sprite is loving them.  I have been taking pictures so she can scrapbook them later (another project!!).  I'll post them all eventually, but here's our project from today.

We made a car out of a cardboard box and a lot of hot glue. 

Paper plates for the wheels and steering wheel, milk caps for buttons.

I made a "car seat" for dolly, just by folding a piece of cardboard in half and gluing it in so the top sticks up a little.

Sprite didn't understand that she was supposed to be the driver and wanted to sit all the way back and have a car seat too.  No one is driving!!!

She sat in her car and pretended to type.  I am not sure of the connection between typing and driving (I don't do it, I swear!), but I made her a little laptop.  It's just a piece of cardboard folded in half, a napkin for the screen, and a plastic tray (upside down) from toy packaging.  I got the idea from an episode of Charlie & Lola (Sprite's favorite and only TV show), where Lola makes a typewriter from the plastic tray that comes in a box of chocolates :-)

Simple, and very entertaining.  We did some science experiments too.  Coming soon :-)


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