Monday, March 28, 2011

Mini Project Monday: A science experiment

It's Week 3 of Mini Project Monday, and I hope you're enjoying them so far!  Sprite and I are having a lot of fun!

This week's is an easy one, and another one you might remember from childhood. 

Vinegar + Baking Soda = WOW!

Cookie sheet with raised edges
Clear bowls, jars, or glasses
food coloring
liquid dish soap
small bowl of baking soda

Set up as shown in the picture, with each bowl containing vinegar, food coloring, and a squirt of dish soap.

Give the child the bowl of baking soda and let them put a spoonful or two into each bowl, then watch them go!

I love her experssion here.  She's looking quite pleased with the results.

After the experiment is done, it's fun to play in the foam too!

This one's easy, cheap, and minimally messy if you do it on a tray on a washable table.  Give it a try!


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