Thursday, March 10, 2011

Homemade Lip Balm

Sprite loves chapstick.  I mean LOVES.  She even asked Santa for chapstick this year, after I got tired of her stealing all of mine.  I love chapstick too, actually.  One day I'll take a photo of my chapstick collection. 

Yes, collection.


Keeping with our new tradition of doing a small project every weekday, Sprite and I decided to make chapstick.  Being newbies at this, we went with This Kit from Bellissima Minerals.

It came with everything we needed, including the lip blam base, flavor oil (we went with raspberry), mica powder for coloring, 8 tubes, a pipette, stirring rod, and instructions.  It also included labels and plastic seals.

It was SUPER easy. 

A little zap in the microwave for the base and then Sprite stirred in the mica and flavor (which, by the way, smells fantastic).

So pretty...ahhh.

It made enough to not only fill the 8 tubes, but also a little extra to top off some of our store bought lip balms.

I don't know who is more pleased, me or Sprite.  It's sooo yummy, lightly tinted, and a nice glossy consistancy.  I planned on giving them as gifts, but I think we might keep them for ourselves!

I think we might try lemonade next time...or maybe orange spice...or maybe both :-)


Obsession With Online Tutorials said...

Where the directions easy to follow? I am thinking about getting this.....

Kelly said...

Extremely easy. You pretty much mix everything together and put it in the tubes :-) Thanks for your Q!

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