Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top 3

Looks like I took an extended Christmas break!  hehe.  Well, I'm back now, and a few new things are in the pipeline.  I just read in an article that said for the sake of organization and actually getting things done, you should have no more than 3 priorities on your to-do list.  Here's my current top 3:

1. My new sewing pattern, Soccer Balls & Snowballs, will be going out to my pattern testers later this week and should be for sale shortly after that!  The pattern includes instructions for sewing a soccer ball in 4 different sizes, including an XL pillow size, and for sewing an indoor snowball fight set, complete with a bag to store the snowballs in.  They are soft enough for safety, but solid enough to throw and kick accurately and get some good distance!  Hide the breakables!  Both projects are easy enough for beginners and are a good way for kids to get out some excess energy on a winter's day.

2. A tot sized fleece poncho tutorial for the blog (free!).  I have the fabric, and I have the plan in my head.  Now I just need to get it done!

3. Pack away the Christmas stuff.  I know, I'm slacking!  I like to think that beacause I waited so long before putting the decorations up, that I'm allotted extra time for packing them away.  Right???

Check back later to see how I'm doing! :-)


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