Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bed Canopy

Sprite is in a toddler bed now, and the binky fairy has come for the binkies.  She transitioned pretty well, except for one thing: She does not know how to fall asleep.  It's not that she's not tired, or wants the binky or anything.  She just doesn't know what to do!  During her two hour naptime, she reads (in the dark), sings, talks to the cat, unfolds and folds her clothes, etc. etc. etc., until I finally let her out (she has a gate in the doorway).

In an attempt to make her bed more appealing, my sister-in-law and I designed a canopy to hang over her bed to make it cosy.  Sprite calls it her "tent".  Here's how you can make your own.


- Tulle
Color #1: 10 yards (cut into 3 pieces, each 3 1/3 yards long)
Color #2: 10 yards (cut into 3 pieces, each 3 1/3 yards long)

- 2 spools ribbon (we used 5/8 in. wide), one must be opaque

- A 10 in. embroidery hoop

- Hot glue gun

Note: This length of tulle makes a ceiling-to-floor-and-then-some canopy.  You could go shorter if you want, or you could try it out long and trim if necessary.

Glue one end of the ribbon (the opaque one) to the outside ring of the embroidery hoop.  Spiral the ribbon around, covering the entire hoop with ribbon (more pics below). You should have some ribbon left over.

Next, get tangled in the tulle (optional).

If it's not already, cut your tulle as instructed by the supplies list.  Take the end of one piece, scrunch it together a bit, and glue it to the inner ring of the embroidery hoop.  Let about 4 inches hang over the top, and make sure you press down so the glue dries FLAT.  If it's too thick, you'll have a hard time getting the outer ring back on when it's time.  Use a small scrap of fabric or cardboard to press on the glue, since it will go through the holes in the tulle and burn you (lesson learned).

 Alternating colors, continue to glue the tulle all the way around the ring.

Push the top part of the tulle (the 4 inches sticking up) towards the center of the ring, and place the outer ring around it.  Make sure your ring is loosened all the way.  It might be tight, just work slowly.

Using the ribbon left over from covering the outer hoop, make a hanger by cutting two lengths of ribbon and folding them in half.  Tie a loose knot in the top so the ribbon ends stay aligned as you are working (we used 2 lengths or ribbon...if you want, you could use 3 so it is more symmetrical).

Glue one of the ribbon ends to the hoop, in between 2 different colors of tulle.

Really squish the glue down to make it a strong attachment.

Repeat for the other ribbon ends. Now it hangs up!

Using the 2nd spool of ribbon, cut several lengths of ribbon to use as embellishments.  Glue them to the ring, and let them hang down. (If you are making it for a tiny tot, go short so they don't try to pull the whole thing down by the ribbon).

Hang it up!  I used a screw hook and just screwed it in the ceiling and hung it!  Adjust the length of the hanger at the top to adjust the length.  The tulle might still be long, unless you have tall ceilings.  Give it a trim, if necessary, but save the scraps!  I have a tutu tutorial (say that 5 times fast) coming up soon!

We may be moving soon, so I left ours kind of long just in case the ceilings are higher at the new house.

Here's Sprite, camped out in her new "tent"!

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DWYHomemaking said...

My little girl has a canopy just like this but, her momma didn't make it :(! You did an excellent job and I know the little princess loves it!

I would love for you to link this up Monday at my linky party :)!

Sharon said...

Love it! I never would have thought to make this. Great job!

dining tables said...

I have always wanted to have something like that when I was young. Now, I can make that for my daughter.

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