Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thanksgiving Peg People

Sprite and I have recently became obsessed with peg people.  Here's a Thanksgiving set I made:

Peg people are very easy and cheap to make.

Wooden pegs (they come in packs are craft stores)
Acrylic paint
spray gloss
felt or other embellishments

For most of the people, it's easiest to start by painting the face in a skin color and then the rest of the body in a clothing color.  After that dries, you can add eyes, a mouth, hair, and clothing details.  Be sure to paint the bottom too.

After the paint is dry, spray with a layer or two of gloss, and let dry overnight.

I used felt to make a hat for the pilgrim and a headband for the indian, with a tiny feather (which I stole from a cat toy).

Very easy!  We have several more in the works too.  We use them in our cardboard castle.  Pics forthcoming!

For Christmas, a peg people nativity scene might be cute...then the kiddos can actually play with the people, rather than just observing them on an out of reach shelf :-)


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