Monday, December 13, 2010

Easy Peasy Dryer Balls

My friend Melanie, who is somewhat of a yarn fanatic, taught me how to make dryer balls from scraps of wool yarn.  If you're a knitter, check out her blog:

Dryer balls can reduce the amount of time it takes your clothes to dry, and they also work as fabric softener.  This saves money by running the dryer for shorter lengths of time and not having to buy dryer sheets.  They are so simple to make, and are much cheaper and gentler than the store bought kind. They are quieter too.

All you need it wool yarn and a few minutes (yes, it must be wool, or it won't felt).  Begin wrapping the yarn into a ball.  When you get to the end of your scraps, just tie another piece on.  Save your favorite yarn for the outside layer.

 After it gets to be about baseball sized, add a layer of your pretty yarn.

You can make a design if you want, or just keep wrapping.  I just made some stripes.  We used a large yarn needle to thread the end of the yarn through the ball a few times so it won't unwind.

Lastly, taste test the pink balls to find out if they are cherry flavored (optional) :-)

Put each ball in a sock and run it through the wash once, then the dryer.  The yarn will felt together.  Every time you dry clothes in the dryer, throw a ball or two or more in.  They last practically forever!  They might make cute yet practical stocking stuffers for the person who has everything.  I am excited to make more!


Mr Steamy said...

What an interesting idea! Who would have thought wool yarn could be this useful.

Jenna said...

Cool, thanks for sharing. I'll definitely be making some. They're cute and practical!

pwnmom said...

I love this idea! Thanks for sharing!!

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