Wednesday, December 15, 2010

5 minute wrist warmers

I have had 2 pairs of cute socks with giant holes in the heels sitting around for longer than I'd care to admit.  I was waiting for the perfect way to upcycle them.  It seems that I found it!  Little wrist warmers for little wrists.

Old socks
Sewing machine

First, cut above and below the heel and above the toe.  You want two straight parts, one from the ankle of the sock and one from the middle of the foot.  Work around any holes.

Fold the smaller piece in half so the raw edges line up.  Then put it around the larger piece so all three raw edges line up.  Sew around. (Serger not required).

Cut a small slit for the thumb towards the end that was the top of the sock.  For tiny tots, make it close to the end, because their little hands are so small. 

Socks are usually knit material, so it won't unravel.

 That's it!  This was a average pair of ladies socks modeled on a 2 year old.  They fit a little loosely over her long sleeve shirt, so they could easily fit a larger child.  They might even fit me :-)

Sprite loves them!  I took them off for her nap and when I went to get her later she had them on.  She climbed out of bed and got them off the changing table, put them on, and then went back to bed!  They are nice to wear with mittens so snow doesn't get in at the wrist.

Legwarmers option: If you use knee high socks and omit the thumb hole, you can use them as infant/toddler leg warmers.  Target has lots of cool colors and patterns and they rotate them often.  They are usually $2 or less, making them a cheap, yet cute and useful, baby gift.


Vegbee said...

These look super comfortable!

Carolyn said...

Love your wrist warmers. They look great and warm. An excellent recycling project.

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