Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shaped crayons

Another Christmas idea!  These would make a great stocking stuffer!

Shaped crayons are very popular now!  I have seen them all over the blogosphere, etsy, and local craft shows.  Here's a quick tutorial if you want to make your own.

old crayons
a plastic chocolate mold
a couple soup cans
a small pot

I use Crayola brand crayons, since they are less waxy than some cheap brands.  I save them from restaurants so they are free too!

I use an improvised double boiler the consists of soup cans in about an inch of water in a small pot.

Peeling the crayons goes a lot faster if you use a razor blade to cut down the length of the crayon. Don't worry if you cut right into the crayon.  Just give them a slice and then hand them off to your little helpers to peel and break.  They'll get a kick out of breaking crayons without getting in trouble :-)

Sort the pieces by color and add to the cans.  You can swirl them a little as they melt, but the can will get HOT!

When they are melted, pour the wax into a chocolate mold.   To do multiple colors in one crayon, let the first color set a little before adding the second, otherwise the colors will mix and make brown.

Let them cool until they pop right out! If your helpers are impatient, you can put them in the fridge or freezer for a couple minutes to speed things up.

We made ladybugs, butterflies, and one green frog. Easy peasy!


TracyKM said...

I tried this a long time ago with chocolate mold...and it said right on it to not use wax...and it melted the molds a little, LOL. Maybe the molds have improved?
We actually have a Crayola Crayon Maker machine, but it does only 3 crayons at time and they break easily :(

Kelly said...

Mine was the clear plastic knid from Hobby Lobby, and it was just fine. It didn't have a warning about wax, so I'd give that a try. :-)

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