Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mommy eats most of the candy while you're asleep, anyway

Halloween involves lots of candy. 

One minute you have a sweet little witch on your hands, posing nicely for the camera...

And the next minute she's cracking up saying "CHEEEEEEEEEEESE".
 On Halloween, we went trick or treating at a nursing home and then in the neighborhood, so we got quite a bit of candy.

 I let her eat, er, a lot, on Halloween, but we can't do this everyday!

After just 2 days, my brain was completely fried by hearing a little voice say "candy...candy...candy..." all day long.  This is my attempt at controlling it!  I limited candy to one piece a day and made a little chart that hopefully a 2-year-old can understand.

Everyday when she chooses and eats her candy, I draw a little picture of it on the chart.  That way when she asks for candy later, I can point out that she already had a peanut butter cup that day...

...without having to think too hard!  Was it a lollypop? PB cup? Smarties?  I'm sure with a little prompting, she remembers it better than I do.

 It makes a nice scrapbook memento too :-)


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