Friday, November 12, 2010

How to make a stick horse

Christmas ideas Part 2! The stick horse!

Who doesn't love a stick horse?  They are easy to make and will provide hours of imaginative play!

Time: 1-2 hours, depending on whether your toddler keeps stealing the horse from you while you are still working on it.

1 wooden dowel, approx 3 ft. long and 3/4 inch wide
yarn for hair
2 buttons for eyes
A men's size sock
felt or brown fabric for ears

A needle & thread
a large yarn needle
hot glue gun
sewing machine (optional)

Step 1: Dump all the buttons on the floor and stir with the dowel (optional, and best done by 2-year-olds).

Step 2: Sew the button eyes on.  Reinforce with hot glue for safety and durability.

Step 3: Wrap one end of the dowel with a little stuffing and scrap fabric or felt, making a ball.

Step 4: Tie closed and reineforce with hot glue (this will be inside the head and does not need to be pretty)

Step 5: Cut out four ear pieces, approx. 4.5 inches long and shaped like a leaf.  Sew two of the pieces together around the edge, leaving an opening at the bottom to turn right side out.
 Step 6: Cut a tiny hole on the sock, and poke an ear through.  Stick your hand inside the sock and grab the end of the ear.  Hold it while you turn the sock inside out, and sew the ear to the sock.  Don't worry if they're too floppy just yet.

Step 7: Stuff the head up until the ears, then insert the padded end of the dowel.  Add more stuffing around the dowel as necessary, and secure with a ribbon and hot glue.  Lift up the end of the sock and add a little hot glue on the inside (not pictured).

Step 8: Add a bridle by wrapping ribbon in a circle around the horse's face and attach with hot glue.  Add reins by making a loop from one side of the face to the other.  Hot glue along the length fo the reins, leaving a loop sticking out for a handle.  Use a lot of glue, since this ribbon will get pulled on a lot during play.

 Step 9: The mane!  There are several different ways to do this.  I'll show you two. 

Option1: Thread a large needle with yarn, and loosely weave it in and out, leaving big loops on either side.

When you're out of yarn, cut the loops and tie one side to the other.

 Option 2: Cut a whole bunch of yarn double the length you want the mane.  Using a large needle, weave another piece of yarn in and out a few times down the center of the hairs.  You don't have to do through every piece.

Carefully pick up this whole seection of hair and hot glue the center of it to on the horses head.  To cover up the glue, tie a few strings from one side to the other side, here and there.

 Trim the hair if necessay, and use a little hot glue along where the ears connect to the head to help them stand up better if necessary (not pictured).



Stick horses make great Christmas gifts, and they are quick, easy, and cheap to make.  I cut about 6 inches off the end of the dowels to make them toddler sized.  Sprite and her friend Munchkin definitely approve!  Sprite's hair is even more shaggy than her horse's!



taidyeoriginal said...

these are the cutest! thanks for sharing!
taidye original

Angela :-) said...

Wow! It has never occurred to me to make my own stick horse. Now you have me thinking.

Angela :-)

Cadiedid said...

Very cute! This has been an idea on my to-do list and it's wonderful to see how someone else made it!

Mandy said...

Thanks for linking to TAke-A-Look Tuesday over at Sugar Bee Craft Edition - I featured you today! - - Mandy,

Kelly said...

Thanks, Mandy!

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