Thursday, October 7, 2010

The War on Clutter

My mom and I have been trying to get motivated to clean out some clutter.  I might be moving soon and don't want to move junk, and she has lived in the same house for 25 years so has never had the need for serious decluttering. 

Ok, so that's not either of our houses (it's from Hoarders), but it's the same concept on a smaller scale!

Nothing is more motivating than a friendly competition!

We officially began The War on Clutter last week.  We have assigned point values to different kinds of junk that gets removed from the house.  Whoever has the most points by Thanksgiving gets a $20 prize of their choosing, paid for by the loser.  Technically, a clean house means we're both winners!

Points are given for things that a removed from the house, whether it goes in the trash, to Goodwill, recycling, or wherever.  Regular trash and day-to-day items don't count.  Here's a few exmaples of our point structure:

- A filled plastic grocery bag (or equivalent amount of junk)- 1 point
- Small furniture, like an end table, chair, or stereo cabinet- 5 points each
- Large furniture, like a couch or recliner- 10 points
- Medium size empty cardboard box (the size a computer or small tv would come in) - 1/2 point

All points are based on this scale, but are adjusted by size.  For example, if you bring a large box to Goodwill, estimate how many plastic grocery bags it would fill, say 4, so you would get 4 points.  Two pairs of boots would fill a plastic bag, so you would get 1 point.  The point values for more ambiguous things can be debated :-)

The thrift shop came today to pick up some small furniture (which actually came to us from thrift shops years ago), so I'm in the lead with 28 points!

Starting your own War on Clutter?  Leave a comment and tell us about it!


Auntie Jen said...

Haha that's what I'm doing right now at the apartment. Dad moved so much junk and furniture into this little space. I can't get rid of anything until he goes through it because a lot is antiques. Luckily I have a storage unit, it was almost completely empty. Now it's almost completely full. Matt and I have a spare bedroom with closet again and a hall closet where we can actually tell whats in it with a quick glance.

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