Saturday, October 2, 2010

Recycling our recycling

The tot and I dug a bunch of stuff out of the garbage and recycling and started a fantastic little project, which we have been working on for about 2 weeks.  That's a long time in toddler-land!  Assuming you already have paint and masking tape, the only cost to this project is that of a can of spray paint ($4) and some pegs ($2 for 8).

First, we collected our trash and used masking tape to stick pieces together.  We had a castle/playland theme in mind.

She took a snack break while I cut out openings for doors (making them big enough that she could stick her hand inside).

 We even made a few slides, and the yogurt container became a trampoline.  A still naked peg person tries out one rather vertical slide.

I used the fusion spray paint since I wanted to make sure it stuck to the plastic pieces.

I gave it a good spray during naptime.  This stuff dries in 15 minutes, so when she woke up it was ready to go.  It's looking much more castle-like at this point!

Next, we are going to decorate it with a little paint and we are making some peg dolls.  Updates to come!

Click here for Part 2!


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