Monday, October 4, 2010

Indie Goth Skirt

Finally, I made something for MYSELF!  This was the first in a long time.  I am sewing a few gothic-inspired skirts for my cousin, and while I was "surfing the net" (why doesn't anyone say that anymore?) I stumbled across this tutorial.  I really liked the tiny polka dots, so I found similar fabric and had a go at it.

Please excuse the world's worst reflection-in-the-mirror photography.  I was shooing a toddler out of the picture and appearently lost all concept of lighting.

This was an easy one to make.  I had to take it in on the sides a few inches though (I wear a ladies size small).  Other than that I am happy with it!  Highly reccomend this one :-)  I think I'm going to make another.  Color suggestions??


Auntie Heather said...

LOVE it!

Parnuuna said...

Hi there
It's really nice to see that people use the tutorials at :)
And I really like your work. Looks good! :)
It makes me all fuzzy inside that you've posted about it. thanks. :)
Kind regards

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