Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Homemade bathtub crayons

I'm loving these!  I cleaned the kid and the tub at the same time, and they only took a few minutes to make.


1 bar Ivory soap
1/4 c. water
gel food coloring (works better than liquid)
a cheese grater
an ice cube tray

Grate the soap with the cheese grater.  Stir in the water to make a paste. 

 Add a squirt of the gel food coloring and mix it in. (You can divide it into smaller bowls to make different colors).  The color should be dark, not pastel, so it shows up well on the tub.

Scoop into an ice cube tray (my red was not dark enough)

 Freeze for 10-15 mins, then pop them out and allow to air dry overnight so they harden.

Now you're ready to draw on the tub and tile!


Sharleen said...

Loving your blog. Thanks for the tute! You can also put them in toilet paper tubes or cut up paper towel tubes to make crayon like ones. The paper peels off and any remnents can easily be washed off. You can also line them with wax or freezer paper to prevent sticking.

Lainie Lapis said...

Seriously? This is the biggest mess and waste of supplies ever. Followed recipe exactly TWICE and both times I ended up with a mess....!! Horrible don't disappoint your grandson like I did.

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