Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Baby Food Challenge #8

Wow, I took a long break from the Baby Food Challenege, but I am determined to finish!  For more info, click here.

The tot and I made sweet potato pancakes, although any fruit or vegetable could be substituted.  I like using just-add-water pancake mix because it's easy to modify the recipe without involving higher math or having to divide an egg in half or anything.

Ingredients: Just-add-water pancake mix
A fresh veggie or jar of baby food

For our sweet potato, I microwaved it for 2 minutes to make it soft.  Then it's time to mash.

Measure your pancake mix as directed on the box for the number of pancakes you want to make. Mix it with your mashed veggie or baby food.  Add water gradually until you reach the right consistancy.

Time to cook!

Mommy says: They were nice and moist and had a good consistancy.
Little gal says: Mrph rrumf mrrph (she can't talk because she has an entire pancake stuffed in her mouth)


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