Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mesh Produce Bags Tutorial

I had a giant mesh laundry bag leftover from who knows what (I don't recall ever having laundry in it) that I have been wanting to make into mesh produce bags.  I hate plastic produce bags.  The are entirely useless and wasteful.  So here's what I did to avoid them: Mesh Produce Bags!  Reusable!  Washable!

Let's begin! Cut the laundry bag into squares or rectangles according to the size bags you want.  I cut my bag into thirds across the width, and then then cut the bottom two rows in half, and the top row into thirds, giving my 4 bigger bags and 3 smaller ones.  Here's my bottom row:

and here's one little section:

Turn the rectangle inside out, and sew three sides shut.  Depending on what part of the bag your rectangle came from, you might already have one or two sides sewn shut.  I used a serger, but a zig zag stitch on a regular machine would also work.  I might go over it twice though.

Here I am, serging my 3 sides shut:

Next, I serged around the opening of the bag to make it looks tidier.  This step is not necessary, but makes it look neater and might make it a bit stronger too.

With your bag still inside out, fold over the top edge about an inch.  Using a regular straight stitch, sew this down, making a casing.  You do not need to leave an opening to insert your drawstring, since you can poke it through the holes of the mesh.

Thread your drawstring through a hole, and continue to thread it all the way through your casing, coming out just next to where you started.  I used a safety pin to make the drawstring go in easier.

Drawstring threaded though.

I tied the ends of the drawstring in knots so they wouldn't get lost inside the bag.  Ta-da! Easy!

I used a drawstring from an old pair of pajama pants.  When I ran out, I used some old single fold bias tape.  I folded it in half (making it double fold bias tape, if you want to get technical) and sewed it shut.

Isn't it pretty? Instead of tying the ends in a knot, I tied a big wooden bead on each of the ends.

Even the drawstrings are upcycled.  Love it!

I got compliments on my first trip to the grocery store! I can't wait to bring them to the farmer's market!

I'll be adding some to the shop shortly.


Bree said...

Fantastic idea! I really hate those plastic produce bags too.

Kelly said...

Thanks! I get so excited when I use them...maybe it will help my family eat mroe veggies! :-)

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