Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Felt Story Board tutorial

Felt story boards are very easy to make and are great for illustrating a story or keeping your little one (quietly) entertained.  My friend Jeanne wanted to make a story board so her tot's Grandma could illustrate bible stories.  I wanted to play too, so I made a smaller travel board with some of my little gal's favorite things.


A pizza box, or just flat cardboard
Flannel, big enough to cover the cardboard
Felt, in a variety of colors
Hot glue gun
A permanent fabric marker that does not require heat setting is also helpful

A pizza box can be good for both storing pieces and playing with them.  Any flat piece of cardboard will do really.  If you are using a pizza box, first cover up any grease with wax paper.

Next, cut a piece of flannel to cover your board and iron it if necessary.  For the pizza box, you will be covering the bottom (where the pizza sits) and the inside of the lid.

Use the hot glue gun to glue the edges of the flannel to the back of the board.  You won't need any glue on the front of the board (unless you are doing the pizza box approach).

Decide on your shapes and cut them out of felt.  The permanent fabric marker of puffy paint can be useful for adding eyes or other small details.  The couch is a great place to store works in progress.  The felt sticks to almost any fabric:

The little gal loves food, animals, and being outside, so that's what I put on her board.  The tree's leaves are separate pieces, but the little pieces like the stems are attached to the fruit.

For the biblical board, Jeanne made a fig tree and some people.  The clothes, heads, and hair are all separate pieces so they can interchanged.  She also made a fig tree and has plans for sheep, a lion, a boat, and too many other things to count.  I will need to ask her what story the cat is from :-)


Tina said...

Thank you for this interesting post. I am going to make a borad for my baby and for my class. I have never used a board like this (and never seen in all the school I have been in Italy!) The big question is: does the felt have the feature of sticking on flannel or do I have to put somethin in the back???
Thank you!
Tina (from Italy)

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