Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pay It Forward!

I just discovered anther reason why etsy is such a great site for buyers and sellers alike: Pay it forward!  Pay if forward (PIF) items are offered at a very reduced price- sometimes only the 20 cents it costs to list the item, plus shipping.  PIF items come with a note such as this:

This item is yours, all you have to do is pay the listing price + shipping.  BUT there's a catch!  You must Pay It Forward, a.k.a. list a PIF item in your shop or do a random act of kindness for someone else.  Spread the kindness and love!

I just bought my first PIF item, a set of 10 recycled paper beads from seller Sambuck:

In return, I made and posted this little baby hat:

We'll see how long it lasts before someone snatches it up :-)


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