Thursday, April 22, 2010

The machine

While I was sitting at the craft show last week, I spent some time sewing a few items to fill holes in my inventory.  While I was sewing, a mom and son walked by.  He was about 7 years old.  "Look, mom, she's sewing!" he exclaimed.  He stopped walking and watched with big eyes while I continued to sew, occasionally peeking at him out of the corner of my eye.  The mom was less than entertained, trying to drag the kid off, but even as he walked away he was looking back at me and talking about "the machine!".  And then I got thinking...

Isn't the sewing machine a fascinating piece of equipment?  What other mechanical device do you have around the house that operates with such precision without fancy computer chips or processors?  With the moving parts and the gentle hum (or growl, in the case of my machine), it's no wonder that the kid was completely enthralled.  And this was my regular machine!  Imagine his reaction if it was my serger!  Not only more threads perfectly entwining themselves, but also sharp blades slicing from every direction!  What an amazing , underappreciated mechanical device.

In a world of high tech gadgets, take a moment to appreciate an old fashioned mechanical device.  "The machine", as my young friend called it.  It's an endangered species that won't be around forever.


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