Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Reuphostering a window seat cushion

Today I got to cross something off my to do list!  I finished recovering a window seat cushion for a friend.  It's not too hard...here's a tutorial in case you have your own cushion looking for a makeover.

Here's the "before" picture.

And here's the naked cushion:
There are two options for making a pattern.  The first is to use a seam ripper to take the old covering off, and use each piece as a pattern.  The second option, which works best for angular shapes like this one, is to measure the cushion's sides and add your seam allowance, and then measure your fabric and draw lines with a disappearing fabric marker (draw a sketch on paper first).  I went with this route.  Once you have it drawn accurately, it's time to cut.

I wanted velcro along the loooong back side so the cover can be taken off and washed.  To do this, I cut 2 skinny pieces that will be velcroed together to form a piece the same thickness as the cushion.  How big? Add your seam allowance plus about another 2 inches to each strip.  After the velcro is sewn on, you can measure and cut to the exact width for the cushion.  Better too big than too small!

Fold over the edge of one of the strips 1/4 inch, and sew along the length.  Repeat with other strip.

Now you'll attach the velcro.  I used a zig zag stitch, but you could go straight here too.  Sew the "loop" velcro to the RIGHT side on the fabric, about 1/8 from the edge.  Follow the edge of the velcro and sew in the long rectangle.

Sew the "hook" velcro to the WRONG side of the second strip.
Velcro them together as they will be on the cushion, and measure the width.  Trim a little to make it the right width for your cushion.

Appearently here I was so engrossed in the project, I didn't take many pictures.  Sorry!

You'll start with the top piece of the cushion, and sew the edge pieces all the way around.  You can attach one piece at a time, or attach all the edge pieces together into a very long chain and then attach them to the pillow.  I went with the first option because I wanted to try it on the cushion periodically.  I sewed the first side on, then attached the second to the first, then sewed the second side on, then attached the 3rd to the second...and so on.  Leave the velcro attached and treat it as one piece, just like any other side piece.

Here it is with the top and sides done.

I thought my side pieces were a bit too wide (see how they drag on the floor about 1/2 inch?) so I made a mental note to use a bigger seam allowance when attaching the bottom so the cover would fit snugly. 

Next, you'll attach the bottom piece.  Go all the way around.

After the whole thing was together, I tried it on again.  Once I was happy with it, I decided to serge the edges so they wouldn't shred in the wash.  Why, you ask, didn't I serge it from the start?  I have an old three string serger, that doesn't make the strongest seams.  It's better for preventing shredding or making a pretty edge than for strength, so I used both machines for the best of both worlds.

Here's how the velcro looks on the back
All done!  I hope she likes it!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, this was very helpful, I have been informed that it is a really good idea to cut the foam slightly bigger than the covers for a snug fit? or if the foam is already there then cut the material slightly smaller.
Happy stitching x

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