Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Learning pants

I've been reading a lot about potty training now that the little gal is 18 mo. That's considered young for potty training in the U.S., but old for the rest of the world, where most kids are done training by 18 mo. Anyway, the little gal has begun her potty learning journey. I prefer potty learning to potty training, because she's not an animal (most of the time). I made her these cute little training pants using this pattern to get her started...

I love them! They have a layer of PUL in the soaker area so they feel dry on the outside (no need for rubber pants!) and wet on the inside (an important part of learning). It's naptime now...time to make more!

Update: when she woke up, I felt her pants and they were dry! I cheered and she clapped. I sent her into the bathroom to sit on the potty and then realized her pants were actually soaked, but were still dry on the outside. So I guess we were celebrating water-proof undies rather than potty success. You win some, you lose some.


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