Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hello, productivity!

I spent the afternoon sewing instead of working on my paper. What else is new? At least I got a lot accomplished!

I finished the set of dresses (and a hoodie) for the March of Dimes ND Ambassador family (using the Sienna dress and recycled t-shirt hoodie patterns from Lil Blue Boo).  The chest piece is made from t-shirts from last year's March for Babies.  I am taking orders for a few more weeks!  They are $25 each and every cent goes directly to the March of Dimes.  Here they are!

All ready to be shipped in the morning!

I made another toddler bib for my messy toddler from a towel that has seen better days.

This towel went to Air Force field training with me in 2001!  It still has my initials on the tag.  That's also the reason for the dingy color :-)

While the little gal ate lunch, I made her two pairs of yoga pants to wear to her new gymnastics for tots class.  I had been wanting to use her current yoga pants as a pattern for awhile since they are getting too short.  Capri length is not so great for North Dakota this time of year!  They are made from old t-shirts and I got the idea for the fold over waist from Samster Mommy.  Too cute!

This was the first time I dared to make each leg a differnt color because I am always afraid it will look too clown-like.  I am happy with how these turned out!  Maybe I should sew dangerously more often :-)

Comfy for snacking...
And they stretch nicely to fit over cloth diapers.


Natasha said...

Those came out adorable!!

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