Friday, March 26, 2010

Diapers for a little peanut...with a few weeks to spare!

Well, I am crossing things of my to-do list like a crazy person this week!  I made these cute little diapers for my friend Melanie who is pregnant with her 4th boy.  I say "with a few weeks to spare" because she's more pregnant every time I see her!

They are fleece with a sewn in microterry soaker.  She knits wool diaper covers to go over them.  Wool is nice for wicking mositure away from the skin, and it dries quickly. 

Some are underwear style, shorts, or even little pants.  Here's a couple from her blog,

This one is called "turtle butt".  Love it!
She sells patterns and handspun yarn in her etsy shop.  So cute!  Makes me wish I had a little more knitting talent, althought I do make a mean scarf :-)


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