Sunday, March 21, 2010

Baby Food Challenge- Intro and #1

Baby Food. Whether you make it or buy it (I did both), at some point you will probably have a cupboard/freezer full of it (I had both), and a toddler who refuses to eat it anymore (thus, the problem). I used my creativity and finally used it up, so proud of myself and thinking I was done. But...recently one of our bunnies, Basil, passed away.

For the last few weeks I was feeding her a slurry of baby food and a special bunny food (she had a chance of recovery). Now that she's gone, I'm left with baby food again. And I'm determined to use it up. Let's call it the Baby Food Challenge.
Every week, on a Monday (because Monday's need all the excitement they can get), I'm going to post an idea for using up baby food. Some recipes will be for kids and some for the whole family, but they are all tested by my little gal, who is 18 months old, and she gives a review of each.
Here's the first: Carrot Applesauce
I mixed equal parts carrot baby food and applesauce...

and sprinkled with fresh ground cinnamon.

Little Gal says: It was yummy. I ate it with pizza and I was only vaguely aware that it contained fruit and veggies. I was wondering why it was orange though...


Gramma Donna said...

good idea! I have some baby food & juice here I need to use up. Better get it out!

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