Monday, January 25, 2010

Snow day = productivity!

A large storm was forecasted for this past weekend, so I planned a very productive weekend or hibernation. Turns out our big storm was a bust, but I was productive anyway :-) Only two and half months until "The Big One" craft show!

First we had a little winter fun with a little friend.
I finished 9 swim diapers, and would have done more but I ran out of elastic! Aren't they pretty?

I also finished 5 pillowcase dresses. I found some very ncie pillowcases at the Salvation Army for these dresses. I can't wait until spring!


Auntie Heather said...

wow, busy bee... I'm heading back to the states for a couple weeks in feb, if I find some pretty old pillowcases around the charity shops I'll bring them and post them to you when I get to VA.

Kelly said...

awesome! Old pillowcases have the best prints, and some have ruffles or other things that look cute on dresses. New ones are boring!

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