Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas cookies with little tots

My little gal (15 months) just decorated her first Christmas cookies.  I was surprised at how unmessy it was, so I thought I'd share my technique.  It would hate for the little ones to miss out on such fun because of fear of messes!  Hopefully this will help. 

Step 1: Containment!  High chair/booster, bib, and sleeves up!

Step 2: Frosting.  One plastic knifeful of frosting per cookie.  Let them mash it around.
Step 3: Sprinkles: Use tape to cover some of the holes in the stop of the sprinkle shaker.  That way the little ones can shake, shake, shake to their heart's content without ending up with a cookie buried under half a shaker of sprinkles.

Step 4: EAT!  The little gal had no problem with this step.

One more step: It's not complete until you lick the beaters!


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