Thursday, December 31, 2009

Baby Bento

I am getting into bento boxes.  How could I not be?  They involve both "cute" and "food", two of my favorite things!  I made a set of bento lunches ("baby bento", as I call it) for a friend's 15-month old toddler.  She has a new baby too, so she is very busy and I thought I would help by having some ready made lunches for big brother. 

They have a variety of things...spinach tortellini, chicken, crackers, cheese, bread, banana bread, veggies, bananas, cherries, fruit twists, and animal cookies.  I made some for Raina too. As expected, they don't stick around long. I only got a picture of one. They're not as cute as her little friend's because I used up all the silicon muffin cups in his!


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